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I'm Matthew Petry, also known on the internet as fire219 (or some variation of). I'm a 17 year old student and computer nerd in southern Alabama.

I spend most of my free time either programming, gaming, or trying to reverse engineer some electronic gadget.

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My random projects

H2Bot/RTLBot IRC bot — version 10-8-15 on Pastebin
Cymba (Robocode robot) — version 1.8 (compiled; source included) on Dropbox
LDJAM (Ludum Dare Jam) entries with Kyle Farwell and others — Page on
SAID (Serial Arduino Input Device) — on Github

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Contact Me

Need to get in contact with me for some reason?

Skype: fire219simpl
Twitter: @fire219_SIMPL IRC: fire219 on freenode or Espernet
Email: (Click "f..." to view)